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Insurrection & Abolition: Ida B. Wells and the End of the Convict Lease System

Once slavery was abolished, capitalists rebuilt an industrialized South using a new form of racialized slavery: the convict lease system. It would take multi-racial insurrectionary action to ultimately abolish convict leasing.

from Rampant magazine

Notoriously Immoral: Eugenics, Incarceration, and the White City

Bones discovered in 1989 revealed the gruesome history of eugenics, experimentation, and murder at the Dunning facility in Chicago. Far from an aberration, the brutality of white supremacy was integral to Chicago’s past, showcased at the famous World’s Fair that put Chicago on the map.

from Rampant magazine

Uptown’s Hillbilly Santa Claus

A real life St. Nick, hounded by the Klan, distributed not just toys but also solidarity.

from Rampant magazine

The End of Whiteness

White supremacy has never been about the supremacy of all whites. Grappling with the sources of white poverty and oppression will be necessary to strengthen the movement against racism.

from Rampant magazine

Four Theses on American Fascism

Theories of modern fascism need to be updated to show its American origins, the centrality of racism, and how it needs to be defeated in the streets.

from Rampant magazine

War on White Supremacy

150 years ago, thousands of white people joined a multiracial insurgency against white supremacy.

from Rampant magazine

Chicago’s Unemployed Rebellion

Militant organizing by unemployed workers during the 1930s demanded genuine relief from the poverty of capitalism. Today, we need the same.

from Rampant magazine

We’re Shaping the Appalachia to Come

Urban Appalachia has a long, proud tradition of speaking truth to power and combating the backward politics of charlatans.

from ReWire.news

Will Rahm Pay for All the Black Lives Lost?

With Chicago’s arrogant mayor on the ropes, Eric Kerl and Todd St Hill look at the background to the spreading police scandal–and at what we should be fighting for.

from Socialist Worker

Toppling Chicago’s Top Cop

As Chicago activists look ahead after McCarthy’s downfall, we need to remember that the power of protest pushed the city machine onto the defensive, writes Eric Kerl.

from Socialist Worker

Contemporary Anarchism

International Socialist Review #72

Book Reviews

The Characters of Early Anarchism

Review of The World that Never Was: The True Story of Dreamers, Schemers, Anarchists, and Secret Agents by Alex Butterworth

from International Socialist Review #84

From “Waste People” to “White Trash”

Review of White Trash: The 400-year Untold History of Class in America by Nancy Isenberg

from International Socialist Review # 103

Documenting the Appalachian Intifada

Review of So Much to be Angry About: Appalachian Movement Press and Radical DIY Publishing, 1969–1979 by Shaun Slifer

from 100 Days in Appalachia